Good news of Titan keeps coming

At present, Titan is the largest and most well-known wind power data provider in the Asia Pacific market share in the field of offshore wind power lidar wind measurement.Titan has provided wind measurement data service for International leading offshore wind power enterprise including GIG,TOTAL and COP since 2020. Even in 2021, when the epidemic is serious, Titan has overcome various challenges and difficulties. It has not only won the renewal of all the above-mentioned international customers, but also signed a global framework agreement with another leading international offshore wind power enterprise, Ørsted, which further achieved Titan’s leading dominant position in the international market.

Titan is the only digital solution provider in Asia capable of realizing intelligent collection and analysis of wind farm environmental data and intelligent predictive operation and maintenance control strategy coordination of the whole machine at present. Our wind farm environment data intelligent acquisition and analysis system based on lidar sensing technology provides customers with full life cycle data management services for wind power generation, including wind resource assessment, wind farm site selection, wind farm design, wind farm construction, operation and maintenance. As a data service provider Titan meets the technical requirements of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the UK carbon trust and meets the performance threshold for international market access. We have successfully deployed more than 30 sets worldwide and achieved the best market share in the Asia Pacific region.The machine data intelligent acquisition terminal of Titan has been certified by DET Norske Veritas DNV GL. The system adopts the Internet of things sensing technology, field and big data algorithm, which can accurately predict the potential faults of machinery and equipment and provide all-round digital solutions for industrial customers. At present, it has been widely used in more than 1000 projects at home and abroad, providing reliability and full life cycle data management services for more than 3000 large-scale wind turbines.

 Titan Technologies corporation, founded in 2009, has long been committed to research, development and promotion of the application of industrial digital technology in the fields of new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing. It mainly provides AI algorithm based sensing technology, data collection and predictive data analysis services for high-end equipment and infrastructure industries. Through the collection and analysis of environmental data, machine equipment data and infrastructure operation data, Titan helps to improve the quality of asset management, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and contributes to global carbon neutrality.As an international high-tech enterprise, Titan will continue to focus on product technology, innovate iteratively, improve product and service quality, and work with customers and partners to contribute to carbon neutrality under the background of the new era of double circulation of international and domestic markets!