Titan Industries Korea

Titan Industries Korea is a wholly owned subsidiary of Titan International Industries Ltd. (Hong Kong) and was officially put into operation in October 2020. The company is located at No. 28 Bancheon Industrial-ro, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan Metropolitan City, South Korea, with a total area of 3651㎡. 

The company plans to build a production base and engineering service support center in the Asia-Pacific region, covering the assembly, testing and system integration of products such as floating marine lidar wind measurement system, industrial equipment intelligent data acquisition terminal, etc. and provide engineering services and technical support for the company's projects in the Asia-Pacific region.
So far, 9 floating lidar wind measurement systems have been deployed in the East Sea of Ulsan and the West Sea of Incheon. And our CMS system has been installed in Jeonnam Techno Park Demonstration Complex which is currently in stable operation.

Convenient transportation and developed industrial chain

The company is located in Bancheon Industrial Park , which is convenient for equipment maintenance, 30km away from Ulsan Wharf and 65km away from Busan Wharf.