Sales Manager



Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the company's business development and sales operation, regularly analyze sales targets, plans and business activities, timely adjust marketing strategies and plans, formulate preventive and corrective measures, and be able to effectively plan

into results

2. Be responsible for formulating annual marketing strategies and sales plans

3. Be responsible for organizing special research according to market changes and collecting business intelligence to provide basis for marketing decisions.

4. Be responsible for drawing up market expansion, new product promotion and channel construction plans, submitting them for approval and organizing their implementation, and evaluating and inspecting the effects of various promotion activities.

5, responsible for the negotiation and signing of major marketing contracts;

6. Be responsible for reviewing and approving various business quotations and application reports.

7. Other matters assigned by the company



1. Bachelor degree or above, major in industrial automation, computer, marketing, etc.

2 or 3 years sales experience, wind power industry working experience is preferred

3. Strong team management ability and good at coordinating marketing team

4. Have keen market awareness, adaptability, leadership and independent market development ability, strong learning ability, strong logic and good language expression ability

5. Strong enterprising, energetic, healthy, optimistic and open-minded, full of pioneering spirit

Bonus items:

1. English can be used as the working language

2. New energy, Internet of Things and other industries are preferred.



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